Secondments - Industry

Bringing Industry into Academia for Intensive Knowledge Exchange

Industrial Organisations are invited to apply for funding to enable employees to spend time on a secondment here at the FAIR-SPACE Hub. This will give employees the opportunity to work alongside the researchers, enabling them to develop new analytical and academic skills, access our laboratory facilities and undertake a project that will directly benefit their organisation.

Funding can support a secondment of either 3 or 6 months and can be full time or part time.  It can be used to cover:

  • time spent at the FAIR-SPACE Hub premises

  • equipment and project materials

  • workshop costs

  • project-related travel

For a 3 month full time secondment you can claim up to £10,000
For a 6 month full time secondment you can claim up to £20,000
Part time secondments will be calculated pro rata.

Application process

You will be a UK business, either start SME of large corporation and have identified a FAIR-SPACE Hub Researcher to collaborate with.   

Your project idea must be directly relevant to the FAIR-SPACE Hub research programme and demonstrate alignment with the research themes.

Your proposal will need to:

  • show how both partners will share their expertise through knowledge exchange

  • make a measurable difference to both, for example by exploring the development of new products or services, changing policy or spreading scientific knowledge

Please also note that the FAIR-SPACE is also developing long-term secondments to NASA-JPL and CAS-CIOMP for up to 5 researchers and short-term secondments to space companies and ESA-ECSAT based at the Harwell campus for up to 6 researchers.   These opportunities will be advertised as and when they become available.

How to apply

  1. Complete your application form

  2. Calculate your costs and include these using the template provided

  3. Ensure your Academic Partner organisation completes their form, and get letters of support if needed.

  4. Email your application and supporting documents to fairspacehub@surrey.ac.uk

If you’d like to discuss your project or the application process, contact us at fairspacehub@surrey.ac.uk

There is no closing date for the funding opportunity and we anticipate we will allocate £80,000 in 2019/20 and £80,000 in 2020/21 for both Secondments and Placements.

Applications will be evaluated by the Hub Technical Board (HTB) in consultation with the International/Industrial Advisory Board (IIAB) with the Hub Management Board having final approval.

If you decided to host a secondment at your organisation you get automatic membership of the FAIR-SPACE Hub for 1 year from the start date of the Secondment. Benefits of being a FAIR-SPACE Hub member include

If you are interested in becoming an Industrial Member of the Hub, please email the Partnership Manager Ann Swift a.swift@surrey.ac.uk

There are requirements to become a Hub Industrial Member which can be discussed in further detail.