SMC-IT 2019


From 30th July until 1st August, FAIR-SPACE researcher, Marie Farrell, from the University of Liverpool, attended the International Conference on Space Mission Challenges for Informational Technology (SMC-IT) held at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) campus in Pasadena, California. Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and the Technical Committee on Software Engineering, since 2003, the conference gathers system and software engineers, scientists, and other practitioners with the objective of advancing information technology for space missions.

Marie presented a position paper on "Modular Verification of Autonomous Space Robotics" at the Assurance of Autonomy for Robotic Space Missions Workshop at SMC-IT. One of the aims of the workshop was to explore the role that current and future verification techniques play in assuring autonomous space robotic systems. Liverpool's position paper was well-received and inspired interesting conversation at the workshop. Click here to view the paper.

As part of this conference, Marie visited the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and viewed scale models of systems that have been deployed in space, including the Mars Curiosity rover, as well as the Mars 2020 rover that is currently undergoing testing.

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The Future AI and Robotics for Space