Pose Estimation Challenge 2019


Our very own FAIR-SPACE Hub Researcher, Dr Pedro Proenca, achieved 2nd place (on real-world dataset) and 3rd place (on simulated dataset) in the Pose Estimation Challenge, organised by the Space Rendezvous Laboratory of Stanford University and the Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Pedro’s research supervisor, Prof Yang Gao, commented:

“Pedro’s work has demonstrated the advantage of applying deep learning algorithms for in-orbit spacecraft navigation. This is significant to the development of next-generation spacecraft GNC recognized by the international space community.”

Pose estimation of known uncooperative spacecraft plays an important role in various satellite servicing missions of scientific, economic, and societal benefits. As part of the challenge, participants were tasked with estimating the pose of the Tango spacecraft from its synthetic and real images captured using computer graphics and a robotic testbed, respectively. Click here to find out more about the challenge.

Congratulations on your success Pedro.


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