Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) Visit

Simulation of a habitat on Mars - Copy.jpg

On 17th July 2019 members of the FAIR-SPACE Hub team were invited by the University of Liverpool to visit the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) on the Sci-Tech Daresbury campus. In the afternoon, Professor Michael Fisher gave a fascinating presentation on work being undertaken by the Liverpool FAIR-SPACE team on validation and verification (V&V) of autonomous robotic systems.  This was followed by two talks, showcasing the fascinating work done in the VEC and the exciting possibilities for the wider FAIR-SPACE Hub.


To round things off, we were shown around the VEC building and got the chance to immerse ourselves in a virtual reality model of the International Space Station and drive a virtual rover on a digital map of Mars!  Dr. Rafael Cardoso from the University of Liverpool also demonstrated how he was using the high-performance computing and visualization capabilities in the VEC to test different V&V strategies on the high-level task planning of a model of the Curiosity Rover.”

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