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FAIR-SPACE Hub were invited to present at the recent Self-Configuring Modular Robotics for Earth and Space event hosted by Dr Mark A Post at the University of York on 15th July 2019. This one day workshop brought together a number of actors in the UK space and robotics field to showcase their work, but also included some project updates from the PERASPERA MOSAR project as well as a talk from Dan Jones, Strategic Research Cluster Project Business Partner at the UK Space Agency. Dan is also the Deputy Chair of the Hub’s International/Industry Advisory Board. Also present was a really great company called Hyperpragma that FAIR-SPACE met back in November at the New Space conference in Luxembourg.


The final session of the day considered the possible ways in which modular robotics could be better embraced by both terrestrial and space companies to tackle the challenges they face working in extreme and hazardous environments and it was proposed that a further workshop could be held in the Autumn to bring industry together with academics to explore future R&D collaborations.

Dan Jones, UK Space Agency

Dan Jones, UK Space Agency


The Future AI and Robotics for Space