Made for Space: New Manufacturing Opportunities


FAIR-SPACE were thrilled to be a part of Made for Space 2019, hosted by the Manufacturing Technology Centre from 2 - 3 May. Examining the opportunities and challenges for manufacturing within the global space sector, the conference brought together international experts from both the space and advanced manufacturing sectors who illustrated how new manufacturing technologies can help to address the challenge of producing the next generation of space hardware.

FAIR-SPACE Hub Director, Yang Gao, presented 'AI Robotics for Sustainable Space Manufacturing' on Day 1 of the event and our exhibition stand received numerous enquiries over both days. The opportunity to present some of our current research and development enabled us to reach out to potential new collaborators and assert our place within the space sector with regards to the exciting opportunities that robotics will play in future space manufacturing.

The ambition of the UK space sector always seems to help to create an atmosphere full of excitement, anticipation and future innovation, where the desires for pushing the boundaries of space exploration filter down into the more day to day requirements of businesses here on Earth. We are really excited to see just what unfolds going forward when manufacturing and space continue to work together here in the UK and abroad.


The Future AI and Robotics for Space