FAIR-SPACE Presentation to Prof. Jackrit Suthakorn from the BART Lab

Prof Jackrit Suthakorn

Prof Jackrit Suthakorn, the BART LAB executive director and the department chair of Department of Biomedical Engineering at Mahidol University, visited the Hamlyn Centre on 26th February 2019. He gave a talk regarding the development of the BART LAB as well as their current research areas and progress in robotics for extreme environment as well as rehabilitation. The FAIR-SPACE team presented current progress and opportunities for human robot interaction in space. A discussion between FAIR-SPACE team and Prof Suthakorn followed on how Bart Lab and Hamlyn Centre could collaborate further. The Hamlyn Centre is one of FAIR-SPACE Hub's academic partners and it leads the ‘Human-Robot Interaction’ theme.

BART LAB Presentation


The Future AI and Robotics for Space