Robotics and AI Industry Showcase 2019


On 12th March 2019 FAIR-SPACE exhibited at the Robotics and AI Industry Showcase, which was held at !Audacious Conferencing in central Manchester. The stand was manned by Dr Steve Davis and Dr Saber Mahboubi from Salford and Dr Mohamed Alkalla and Dr Daniel Hao from Surrey. The stand exhibited the FAIR-SPACE drill, the force augmentation glove being developed for future astronaut suits and the first public demonstration of the FAIR-SPACE intelligent gripper as well as showing videos of other technology being developed by the hub. The event attracted over 500 delegates from across industry who were seeking to explore opportunities in robotics and AI and allowed FAIR-SPACE to raise its profile with sectors outside of space and also allowed interaction with the other hubs who also had stands at the event.



The Future AI and Robotics for Space