There are several ways that you can work with the FAIR-SPACE team and we would like to hear from you if you are a technology provider, an end user of robotics and AI, a policy maker interested in the broader issues surrounding space robotics, someone working in the scientific community or a member of the general public.

Examples of ways companies are already working with us: approaching the Hub to jointly apply for additional funding on projects linked to space robotics; sponsoring and part sponsoring PhD students on projects that are designed and developed by the sponsor, but hosted and managed by the FAIR-SPACE Hub; providing new technologies to be used in our Laboratory on ground Test Beds to demonstrate UK capabilities in robotics and AI (this includes both hardware and software); providing STEM related materials to support our Outreach programme.

Examples of ways other partners are already working with us: providing free venue hire to enable us to host events; sponsoring the development of STEM related educational materials; working with us to develop a series of events focused on space robotics.

As the Hub continues to grow we will be engaging with more collaborators, and building new partnerships so please do get in touch with our Partnership Manager Ann Swift to discuss your ideas in more detail.

We will also work directly with interested parties through the following mechanisms:


FAIR-SPACE Innovation Fund  

The Innovation Fund has been launched to enable the inclusion of industry and academic partners who can bring additional value to the FAIR-SPACE Hub R&D programme. Partners from robotics sectors and those who could utilise robotics and AI technology in other sectors such as nuclear, mining or health are particularly welcome.

For more information and an application form visit here. (insert link to new page}


FAIR-SPACE Partnership Programme

Through our Partnership Team we will be offering opportunities to work closely with the Hub in order to shape future research activity and ensure it is not only industry focused, but meeting the needs of wider society. For example, we are seeking investors willing to support our ambitions to deliver longer term international training opportunities for robotics and AI for space, but also to support our ambitions to focus on shorter and targeted research projects to move the current levels of achieved autonomy from Level 3 to Level 4 for the Space domain.

Currently we are offering Secondments & Placements. Whilst the funding is granted directly to FAIR-SPACE Hub members only, we are inviting Industrial partners to provide secondment opportunities in their organisation, so if you would like to host a FAIR-SPACE Hub researcher and have a project idea, find out more. {insert link to new page}.

In addition, we are providing Innovation Vouchers to SMEs to gain discounted access to FAIR-SPACE Hub laboratories and expertise. Vouchers of up to £5,000 are available to any SME (an SME is a business that has fewer than 250 employees) to be spent hiring out our laboratory spaces which are equipped with robotic arms, and a 4 wheeled robot in order for you to test and verify your own technologies.

For more information visit here {insert link to new page}.



FAIR-SPACE events will be taking place across the UK and will include a forthcoming showcase event at the FAIR-SPACE Hub site at the University of Surrey where you will be able to meet the team and visit our on-ground test beds.  We want to engage industry in regular discussions about Robotics & Artificial Intelligence and also act as a conduit for those interested in working in this field, or in the space sector.  We will also ensure that we are disseminating the results of our R&D programme to a wide audience wherever possible.

Register here {insert link to sign up form} to find out more about our events as and when they are announced.

We also welcome invitations to co-host events with industry and stakeholders, so if you have an idea for a workshop, would like to exhibit at one of our events, or wish to host an event at your business, then please get in touch via email at