There are several ways that you can work with the FAIR-SPACE team and we would like to hear from you if you are a technology provider, an end user of robotics and AI, a policy maker interested in the broader issues surrounding space robotics, someone working in the scientific community or a member of the general public.

As the Hub grows we will be engaging with more collaborators, and building new partnerships. We will also be seeking to directly work with interested parties through the following mechanisms:


We will be launching an “Innovation Fund” in order to enable the inclusion of industry and academic partners who can bring additional value to the programme. Partners from robotics sectors and those that could utilise robotics and AI technology in other sectors such as nuclear, marine, mining or healthare particularly welcome.


Through our Partnership team we will be offering opportunities to work closely with the Hub in order to shape future research activity and ensure it is not only industry focused but meeting the needs of wider society.


These will be taking place across the UK and will include a forthcoming showcase event at the FAIR-SPACE hub site at the University of Surrey where you will be able to meet the team and visit our on-ground test beds.

We will also be launching our regular e-bulletin to ensure that you can keep up to date with all our news and follow our progress as we begin to commence tests and prepare our research for commercialisation.